Anthropology of Disaster Management

300.00 225.00

S. Narayan
ISBN: 9788121206839
BINDING : Hardcover
YEAR : 2000
Gyan Publishing House


Contents:- Contents # Preface : List of Contributors : Management of Disaster and Rehabilitation : Ethnicity-Policy Gap Problem Management : Natural Disaster Management in India : Anthropology of Disaster Management: An India Perspective : New Dimensions of Disaster : Disaster Management Under the British Raj: A Case-study of Famines in Bihar in the late 18th Century : Governance Disaster: Its Management : Disaster Management and Coal Industry: An Indian Experience : Industrial Emergency Planning and Disaster Management in Disarray: A Case Study of Indian Coal Mines : Disaster Management: A Perspective : Genesis and Management of Anthropogenic and Natural Hazards in Service Industry : Disastrous Approach of the Tribal : Development : Index.


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