Career Growth And Joy At Work

180.00 135.00

Ashutosh Pandey
ISBN: 9789380222332
BINDING : Paperback
YEAR : 2010
Gen Next Publication


Contents:- Contents # Preface.: Acknowledgements.: How to get the best out of this Book.: 1. Introduction.: 2. Mental Models for Higher Latitudes.: 3. Nurturing and Stimulating the InnerCore.: 4. Opening NewAvenueswithGeneric Projects.: 5. AligningCareer Goals withCritical Roles.: 6. IdentifyingLatent Patterns InhibitingGrowth.: 7. Emerging Careers and New Opportunities.: 8. ReinforcingCycle ofMotivation.: 9. Branding for Success.: 10. Proactive Planning for Execution Excellence.: Bibliography.: Index.


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