Child Health Nursing

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Sanjeev Singh
ISBN: 9788190867504
BINDING : Hardcover
YEAR : 2009
Gen Next Publication


Contents:- Contents # Preface viii.: 1. Introduction 1.: 2. Modern Concepts of Childcare 15.: Internationally Accepted Rights of the Child.: National Policy and.: Legislations for Child Health and Welfare.: National Programmes.: Related to Child Health and Welfare.: Changing Trends in Hospital.: Care.: Preventive.: Promotive and Curative Aspects of Child Health.: Child Morbidity and Mortality Rates.: Hospital Environment for a Sick.: Child.: Impact of Hospitalization on the Child and Family.: The Role of.: Child Health Nurse in Caring for a Hospitalised Child.: Principles of.: Pre and Post operative Care of Infants and Children.: Child Health.: Nursing Procedures.: References.: 3. The Healthy Child 59.: Principles of Growth and Development.: Factors Affecting Growth.: and Development.: Growth and Development from Birth to.: Adolescence.: The Needs of Normal Children through the Stages of.: Developmental and Parental Guidance.: Aspects of Child Development.: Nutritional Needs of Children & Infants.: Baby Friendly Hospital.: Concept.: Value of Play and Selection of Play Material.: Preventive.: Immunization.: References.: 4. Nursing Care of a Neonate 111.: Essential Newborn Care.: Neonatal Resuscitation.: Nursing Management.: of a Low Birth Weight Baby.: Kangaroo Mother Care.: Neonatal Unit.: References.: 5. Nursing Management in Common Childhood Diseases 147.: Nutritional Deficiency Disorders.: Respiratory Disorders and.: Infections.: Congenital Disorders.: Cardiovascular Problems.: Genitourinary Disorders.: Neurologic Infections and Disorders.: Haematologic Disorders.: Endocrine Disorders.: Orthopedic Disorders.: vi Child Health Nursing.: Disorders of Skin.: Eye Problems.: Ear Problems.: Common.: Communicable Diseases of Children.: Child Health Emergencies.: Nursing Care of Infant and Children with HIV/AIDS.: References.: 6. Management of Behavioural & Social.: Problems in Children 241.: Disruptive Behaviour Disorders.: Mentally Challenged Children.: Physically Challenged Children.: Child Guidance Clinics.: References.: Bibliography 263.: Index 267


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