Midwifery And Obstetrical Nursing

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Piyush Sharma
ISBN: 9788190867542
BINDING : Hardcover
YEAR : 2009
Gen Next Publication


Contents:- Contents, Preface viii, 1. Introduction 1, 2. Anatomy & Physiology of Reproductive System 15, Female Pelvis, Joints of Pelvis, Female Organs of Reproduction, Hormonal Cycles, Physiology of Menstrual Cycle, Human Sexuality, Foetal Development, Genetics, Genetic Counselling, References, 3. Pregnancy (Ante-natal) 49, Normal Pregnancy, Physiological Changes during Pregnancy, Discomforts of Pregnancy, Ante-natal Care, Screening and, Assessment of High Risk, Risk Approach, Modalities of Diagnosis;, Invasive & Non-invasive, Antenatal Preparation, Psychosocial and, Cultural Aspects of Pregnancy, References, 4. Intra-natal Period 91, Physiology of Labour, Mechanism of Labour, Management of Labour, References, 5. Post-natal Period 103, Normal Puerperium, Physiology Duration, Postnatal Assessment and, Management, Promoting Physical and Emotional Well-being, Lactation, Management, Immunization, Family Dynamics after Childbirth, Family Welfare Services; Methods, Counselling, Records and Reports, References, 6. Normal Neonates 119, Normal Neonate, Immunization, Minor Disorders of Newborn and, its Management, Levels of Neonatal Care (Level I, II & III), Maintenance of Reports and Records, References, 7. High-risk Pregnancy 171, Screening and Assessment, High Risk Approach, Levels of Care;, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels, Disorders of Pregnancy, vi Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing, Uterine Abnormality and Displacement, Diseases Complication, Pregnancy, Adolescent Pregnancy, Elderly Primi and Grand Multipare, Multiple Pregnancy, Abnormalities of Placenta & Cord, Intra-uterine, Growth Retardation, Nursing Management of Mothers with High-, Risk Pregnancy, Maintenance of Records and Report, References, 8. Abnormal Labour 225, Obstetrical Emergencies and their Management, Obstetrical, Procedures and Operations, References, 9. Abnormalities during Postnatal Periods 251, Assessment and Management of Woman with Postnatal, Complications, Psychological Complications, References, 10. High Risk Newborn 263, Assessments for Newborn Babies, Birth Defects, Birth Injury, Blood, Types in Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Caring for Babies in the NICU, Infection in Babies, Blood Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, References, 11. Pharmaco-therapeutics 317, Pregnancy and Lactation, Maternal-Placental- Foetal Circulation, Drug, Effects on the Foetus, Foetal Therapeutics, Maternal Therapeutics, Pregnancy-Associated Symptoms and Their Management, Management of Chronic Diseases during Pregnancy, Abortifacients, Tocolytics, Drugs used during Labour and Delivery at Term, Principles of Therapy, Drug Effects in Pregnancy, References, 12. Abortion 339, Types of Abortion, Abortion Methods, Legislations, Complications, Nursing Management, References, Bibliography 355, Index 359


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