Value Education And Education For Human Rights

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V.C. Pandey
ISBN: 9788182055841
BINDING : Paperback
YEAR : 2012
Isha Books


About The Author:- V.C.Pandey, a Civil Servant (DANICS) and a brilliant academic from Lucknow University has held several administrative positions under the NCT, Delhi. A reputed expert in the field of education, he has shown active participation in several seminars. Besides he introduced various vocational schemes. He is the author of several works on various phases of Education. At present Shri Pandey is Additional Secretary in Ministry of Education and Transport and is in charge of the Departments of Tourism, Art, Cultural and Language in the Government of NCT.
Contents:- Preface ? Socio-Moral and Cultural context of Value Education ? Nature and Concept of Morality and Moral Education ? Moral Learning to Moral Education ? Educating Character Development ? Moral Education and Human Rights ? Transactional Strategies for Moral Education and Assessment of Moral Maturity ? Making Education Morally Constructivist ? Index


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